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Table of Contents - Volume 1, Issue 2,2012
Protecting Privacy When Disclosing Information: K Anonymity and its Enforcement Through Suppression
V. Khanaa, R. Udayakumar
DOI - Crossref   |    Google Scholar  |   View Abstract  |
Strategies and Challenges in Quality Leadership in the Public Sector
DOI - Crossref   |    Google Scholar  |   View Abstract  |
Knowledge Competitiveness between Individuals and Organizations-Gift of Information Technology
Pushpendu Rakshit
DOI - Crossref   |    Google Scholar  |   View Abstract  |
Applying Data Mining Techniques in the Field of Agriculture and Allied Sciences
N G Yethiraj
DOI - Crossref   |    Google Scholar  |   View Abstract  |
Measurement-Based Software Engineering Education
A.Julias Ceasor, M.Sundaram, S.Gregory Thaddeus
DOI - Crossref   |    Google Scholar  |   View Abstract  |
Analysis of pair Programming Effectiveness in Academic Environment
S. Sagayaraj, M. Kavitha, M. Poovizhi
DOI - Crossref   |    Google Scholar  |   View Abstract  |
Live Human Detecting Robot for Earthquake Rescue Operation
S.P Vijayaragavan, Hardeep Pal Sharma, Guna sekar.C.H, S.Adithya Kumar
DOI - Crossref   |    Google Scholar  |   View Abstract  |