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Table of Contents - Volume 3, Issue 2,2014
The Role of Happiness in the Family Using Combined Disjoint Block Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (CDBFCMS)
A. Anthuvan Rozario, A.Victor Devadoss, M. Clement Joe Anand, M. Sagaya Bavia
DOI - Crossref   |    Google Scholar  |   View Abstract  |
Study on the Impact of Malnutrition and Fruits Using Fuzzy Relational Maps
M.Martin Powlin Mary, A. Victor Devadoss, J.Maria Roy Felix
DOI - Crossref   |    Google Scholar  |   View Abstract  |
SCAM Detection in Credit Card Application
M.Sanjeeevkumar, A.Kamakshi
DOI - Crossref   |    Google Scholar  |   View Abstract  |
Predicting Movie Success Based on IMDB Data
Nithin VR, Pranav M, Sarath Babu PB, Lijiya A
DOI - Crossref   |    Google Scholar  |   View Abstract  |
Authenticated Technologies for Visually Challenged Candidates
G.Veena, Nirmala Sujirtha Rajini
DOI - Crossref   |    Google Scholar  |   View Abstract  |
Secure Disclosure of Trespassing Mechanisms using Digital Signature Algorithm
V.VishwaPriya, VijiVinod
DOI - Crossref   |    Google Scholar  |   View Abstract  |