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Table of Contents - Volume 4, Issue 1,2015 Full Paper
A Study of Impact of Westernization on Indian Culture Using Fuzzy Relational Maps (FRMS)
A.Felix, Elizabeth Thomas, Arockia Jenifer
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:267
GNH-Time Use
Lam Dorji, Yangzom, Tashi Wangmo
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:283
A Study of Work Related Excessive Time Uses of Mobile Phones & Social Networks in Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping (FCM)
Siji A J, A.Mary Vinnarasi, J. Befija Minnie
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:285
GNH- Ecological Diversity and Resilience
Tandin Gyem, Sonam Tshering, Kinley Pema
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:285
Data Mining and Analysis of Online Social Networks
R.Sathya, A.Aruna devi
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:107
Prediction of Stock using Artificial Neural Networks (A Survey)
G.Sundar, K.Satyanarayana
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:276
Machine Learning Approaches and its Challenges
Raj Mohan Kumaravel, Ilango Paramasivam
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:284
Delphi Adapted Fuzzy Associative Memories (DAFAM) as a Multiple Expert System and its Application to Study the Impacts of Climate Change on Environment
D.Ajay, A.Victor Devadoss, K.Sudha
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:281
GNH- Psychological Well-Being in Relation with Buddhism
Dawa Drakpa, Dhan Kumar Sunwar, Yeshi Choden
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:282
Thoughts and Happiness
R.Vicram, Dhan Kumar Sunwar, Yeshi Choden
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:276
Ecopsychology in Relationship between School Students and the Natural World
M. Raja, D. Carol, K. Mary Stella, A. Anthonyraj
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:264
Effetcs of Suppressed Negative Emotions on Human Behaviour
M. Elizabeth Suganya, A. Victor Devadoss, A.Felix
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:264
The Happiness of the Kodaikanal Hill Villages Students in Studies
L.Samraj, A. Victor Devadoss, A. Felix
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:263
Education Leads to Happiness Using Automata Theory
J.Juliet Mary, A.Victor Devadoss, M.Clement Joe Anand, J.Maria Roy Felix
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:259
A Study of Five Knowledge Variables of Education Using Weighted Multi-Expert Neural Networks
E. Mike Dison, A.Victor Devadoss, M. Clement Joe Anand
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:262