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Table of Contents - Volume 4, Issue 2,2015 Full Paper
Intrusion Detection System – A Survey
S. Vijayarani, R. Kalaivani
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:283
Perfomance Comparison of Decsion Tree Algorithms to Findout the Reason for Student’s Absenteeism at the Undergraduate Level in a College for an Academic Year
G. Suresh, K. Arunmozhi Arasan, S. Muthukumaran
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:207
Impact of Stress on Software Engineers Knowledge Sharing and Creativity [A Pakistani Perspective]
Muhammad Mohsin Raza, Nasir Mehmood Minhas, Hameed Ullah Khan, Ikram Asghar
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:281
Medical Image Processing – Detection of Cancer Brain
R.Harini, C. Chandrasekar
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:272
Giving Intelligence to SMEs Business
Govinda rajulu Lanke, T.Bhuvaneswari
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:287
Machine Learning Based Approach for Predicting Fault in Software Engineering by GMFPA: A Survey
P.Patchaiammal, R.Thirumalaiselvi
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:290
Deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems Based on User Mobility to be Endowed in Smart Transit Review
P.A.Pragasa Mary, D.Pugazhenthi
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:279
Product Review Analysis with Filtering Vulgarity & Ranking System Based on Transaction & Otp
Archana U, M.Sheerin Banu
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:304
A Study of Quality in Primary Education Combined Disjoint Block Neutrosophic Cognitive Maps (CDBNCM)
A. Joseph Bellarmin, A.Victor Devadoss, M. Clement Joe Anand
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:275
A Analysis of Environmental Education for the Next Generation Using Combined Disjoint Block Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (CDBFCMS)
S. Alexandar, A.Victor Devadoss, M. Clement Joe Anand, A.Felix
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:284
GNH – Community Vitality: Study of Growing Vegetables in Tabjee Village, Darla Geog, Chukha, Dzongkhag, Bhutan
Karma Tshewang, Tashi Chezom, Khandu Wangchuk, Kelzang Wangmo
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:259
Associative Analysis of Software Development Phase Dependency
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:249
Curse of Dimensionality in Paradoxical High Dimensional Clinical Datasets – A Survey
S.Rajeswari, M.S.Josephine, V.Jeyabalaraja
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:257
Analyzing the Empowerment of Indigenous Communities Using Fuzzy Logic
K.G.P.Ranjithkumar, A.Victor Devadoss, D.Ajay
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:275
A Study on Community Vitality using Combined Overlap Block Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
S.Santhakumar, A.Victor Devadoss, D.Ajay
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:285
GNH- Cultural Diversity and Resilience in Bhutan
Tshering Duba, Phuntsho Choden, Sonam Yudon
DOI:10.20894/IJBI. Abstract) | Total Views:309